Android & iOS Engineers - Quizlet - SF

Quizlet's Android app is already in the top ten education apps in the Google Play store and we're just getting started. Yo'll drive the Quizlet experience on Android devices, building out cutting-edge features accessible to millions of users around the world.
You must care passionately about product design and user experience, and develop a deep understanding of how users interact with Quizlet. The intuitive learning tools you build will drive user engagement and thus directly affect the magnitude of Quizlet's impact on education.

- Have a solid foundation in Java fundamentals.
- Have proven experience building high-quality apps, ideally published on Google Play.
- Enjoy building beautiful user interfaces based around Material Design principles.
- Have experience using popular libraries for Android development in the networking, database, and UI layers.
- Have experience consuming web APIs and making HTTP requests.
- Be familiar with reactive programming paradigms and/or RxJave.
- Be able to write unit tests for critical code paths.

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