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Quantum technology will revolutionise many industrial sectors, and will already begin spawning new, nationally significant business and research opportunities over the next few years. Advancements in quantum technology and, in particular, the technological leap afforded by quantum computers – aka the quantum leap – will enable unprecedented computing power and the ability to solve problems that are impossible for today’s supercomputers. 

VTT is a member of leading European research projects (OpenSuperQQMiCS) as well as national initiatives (e.g. Quantum Technology Finland). We master and mix superconducting, photonic, and semiconducting technology platforms and our goal is to become a leading foundry to produce quantum chips and to provide the full spectrum of quantum services including quantum computing and its practical use cases. 

Recently, VTT has launched a project to acquire Finland’s first quantum computer, with 20.7 million euros granted by the Finnish government for the purpose. The aim of the project is to strengthen the competitiveness on Finland and Europe in a rapidly developing field and to create Europe’s leading ecosystem for the development and application of quantum technology in Finland together with companies, universities and research institutes. Read more about why Finland is considered as interesting place for quantum computing


We are constantly seeking for new talents in quantum technologies and related areas to join our enthusiastic team! If you are interested in joining VTT's quantum research team, send your open application for our Quantum technology opportunities by scrolling down the page to be considered for our future job opportunities. 


Do you want to know more about VTT views about Quantum Technologies?

VTT President and CEO Antti Vasara named five fields that create jobs, prosperity and sustainable growth, and can help solve the world’s biggest problems, one of them being Quantum Technologies. Find out more about Antti's insights about five areas of exponential hope!

We also recommend you to familiarize with VTT's recent achievements in Quantum Technologies by reading the article by Research Professor, Mikko Möttönen as well as watch the video below where Research Team Leader Joonas discusses the potential of Quantum Computer.



Want to know more about how it is like to work at VTT? Get to know our Team Leader Marko's path at VTT and Research Trainee Alexander's experiences from working in Quantum team. We also recommend you to watch the video below about VTT's work to tackle the biggest global challenges.




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