Back end engineer - PlateIQ - San Francisco

About Plate IQ 
Plate IQ is helping restaurants transform their operations with beautiful modern tools and data. We are a small and diverse team with a good mix of engineers and team members with restaurant experience. We help hundreds of small to medium sized restaurants from michelin 3 stars and regional chains to mom and pop operations. We are probably the only thing common between Jamba Juice, the French Laundry and NYC Halal Carts. Some of the problems we are trying to solve now are "Why can't restaurants just search for the best priced chicken instead of calling up a dozen suppliers?", "Can there be a searchable archive of all the data restaurants generate ?", "How can we perfectly digitize millions of invoices"


Their stack is based on Django, Python, Postgres for Backend. The candidates would work on things from Machine Learning, Product Development, Tools, Billing Automation, to much more.

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