Backend Developer - Anywhr - Singapore

We at Anywhr, want to redefine what it means to be a traveler and we are starting by
creating surprise travel experiences that keep travelers coming back for more and we
believe that if this is done right, then Anywhr would probably end up changing the way
people travel.
However, no goal this audacious will ever be possible without the right people leading this so
we are looking for a senior web developer who hungry for an opportunity to be at the
forefront, leading this change.

Our current website is built using the following technologies
• Languages: JavaScript, Golang
• Frameworks: ExpressJS, ReactJS, Mocha
• Continuous Integration: CircleCI, CodeClimate, Heroku, AWS

Here is what we need you to do on a regular basis in order to bring this vision to life:
• Coordinate with our VPE in order to lead Anywhr’s API development efforts.
• Work with the product team to drive technical product objectives
• Mentor our web development team to follow engineering best practices
• Ensure we have properly documented our APIs

We are not looking for anyone here, we are looking for a leader, and as a leader you should
• Be treating software development like a craft, always looking to get better at it
• Know how to clearly and concisely approach communication with the team
• Know which best practices matter & which don’t
• Know when to use continuous integration & when to use continuous delivery
• Know when to refactor code & when to rewrite
• Know how to determine if a new library should be used by the team
• Know how to use Git to fix problems when a rollback is needed
• Know when performance optimizations matter and when they don’t
• Know how to go about gathering information about things you don’t know
• Understand why test driven development matters
• Have 3-4 years of experience in releasing production ready NodeJS applications

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