Computer Vision / AI engineer - Acuity - SF

AcuityAI is seeking outstanding engineers in AI, machine learning and computer vision. You will be

part of a team of world-class engineers and designers, working together to empower AI-based e-
commerce in images and videos. You will have ownership over the projects you work on and have

the flexibility to influence the design and execution of your team’s work. A hard-working
entrepreneur spirit is highly valued and rewarded in the company.
1. Design, implement and evaluate novel Computer Vison and/or Machine Learning algorithms
for object detection and tracking in videos(apply recurrent structure to CNN based algorithms)
2. Work on customized datasets (weekly labeled), focusing on creating accurate computer vision
systems in e-commerce application fields
3. Collaborate closely with team members on developing systems from machine learning
prototype to software solutions for web application
1. Bachelor+ degree in CS, EE or related technical field
2. Expertise in deep convolutional neural networks for computer vision, specifically preferred in
video, object detection or image captioning
3. Familiar with Python and related deep learning libraries Pytorch/Tensorflow, C++ or Java
About the company:
Acuity.AI is a SaaS that uses AI technology to enable product discovery and commerce directly from
video by making videos interactive and shoppable. The company was founded in 2017 and is based
in California. Learn more about Acuity on Techcrunch.

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