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Chainstack - DevOps Engineer

You are a skilled coder as intrigued by the power and versatility of blockchain technologies as we are. Perhaps you have been staying on the sidelines waiting for the right role to dig your geek hands into. Perhaps you are waiting for all that hype around blockchains and cryptos to clear. Regardless, now is your chance.

At Chainstack we are building the ultimate blockchain control panel for the enterprise sector. We believe companies should spend their precious time leveraging the massive potential of decentralized solutions. Instead, we find most enterprises struggling through the complex blockchain maze. Our offering — a cloud and protocol-agnostic platform that will enable enterprises to rapidly deploy and manage blockchain applications. All in a breeze.

We are a fast growing Singapore-headquartered startup with strong roots in enterprise IT and cybersecurity. This means you can make an impact from day one contributing to our vision of making enterprise blockchain adoption as simple as implementing modern web services.

We are currently looking for a DevOps Engineer, someone who can speak with any cloud provider and create automated scalable deployments of any complexity.


You will work on:

● Delivering a reliable and scalable cloud-based blockchain Platform-as-a-Service to our customers

● Designing automation, monitoring, deployment, configuration, service discovery tools and services

● Delivering simple yet robust software solutions by collaborating cross-functionally with internal/external customers


You will be awesome at this role if you have:

● Cloud DevOps experience

● Extensive experience working with public cloud providers (Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure) and building Platform-as-a-Service

● Proficiency in containers and orchestration platforms (Kubernetes, Docker), infrastructure orchestration tools (Helm, Ansible), continuous integration and delivery tools (CircleCI, GitLab)

● Scripting language programming skills

● Exposure to the administration of application servers, web servers, and databases


You will be even more awesome if you have:

● Familiarity with technologies such as distributed computing and cybersecurity and/or

● An exceptional intellectual drive to go deeper down the blockchain rabbit hole

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