First Salesperson - Sourceress - SF

We’ve already sold several million in ARR with no professional account executives, and we’re now looking to build out the sales team.

You will be our first sales hire. You’ll start as an individual contributor, sign annual contracts as quickly as possible, work closely with the CEO to solidify a high-performing sales process, prioritize product features that will drive more sales, and help recruit and manage the sales team as we grow.

Compensation is low in base ($50-80K), high in equity, and very high in OTE (you'll get a flat percent of every signed annual contract -- $100-$300K+).

What you bring

- You’re a hunter. There’s no marketing to get you leads - your deals will be 100% outbound, sourced by you and the network you build. 
- You’ve sold many $xxK-xxxK annually committed contracts. 
- You don’t think you’ve figured out sales. You’re excited to learn, continuously improve, and master a new type of sale. 
- You’re hungry, gritty, and love to win. There will be plenty of challenges and failure. 
- You’re good at problem-solving and first-principles thinking. There’s no playbook, so you’ll work closely with the CEO to build one from scratch. 
- You consider yourself an empathetic person and good listener. 
- You believe in our product, team, and culture.

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