Front End Software Engineer - Poynt - San Francisco

About Poynt

Poynt gives merchants superpowers. Founded in 2013 by our CEO, Osama Bedier, former head of Google Wallet, We're out to disrupt the broken existing commerce infrastructure with secure and intuitive payment technology. By bringing developers, distributors, and merchants all together on an open platform we’re seeding a flourishing app marketplace, all running on top of a smart, all-in-one Android device.

We've raised over $100m as of 2019. Our partnerships include some of the world's largest merchants, developers, banks, and resellers.

About the Role

As a front end software engineer at Poynt, you’ll have the opportunity to work on the following:

  • Poynt HQ, our merchant web portal where they can see business insights, manage their product catalog and engage with their customers in new ways through chat, loyalty programs, and omnichannel commerce. We optimize merchant products for how much they love them – with beautiful UI, consumer-friendly UX, and a fast iteration cycle building and testing Minimum Viable Products.
  • Poynt Labs: A new team focused on using smart devices and IoT to deliver amazing shopping experiences. This cross-functional team will initially focus on three areas we believe critical to the future of shopping: Invisible checkout, such as pay by walking out, Voice commands - e.g “Poynt...Settle my transactions” and Digital presence for merchants. This team will work on the exciting future of payments.
  • Mission Control, a web portal used by our bank and reseller partners, developer partners, and large merchants to manage a large number of stores and a whole fleet of payment terminals. This is the B2B side of our web product, and important factors are optimal information density, useful data visualizations, and a strong user permissions model.
  • Web apps that run on the Poynt terminal to let merchants perform many important functions: manually enter a card number to take phone or online orders, update their product catalog on the fly, and order paper rolls or other accessories. Both fast iteration and fast load times are crucial for these apps, and so we spend time on our build toolchain, asset pipeline, and caching layer.
  • Internal tools for Poynt people and our Customer Success team to support our merchants and partners: mechanisms to surface issues and aggregate data in real-time, to evaluate the reliability of new OS and app builds during staged rollouts, and to make the support experience as smooth as possible through live chat and remote control of deployed Poynt terminals.
  • NOTE: We are hiring at all levels for engineering, including Senior, Staff, Senior Staff, and Principal.

Required Experience/Skills:

  • 2-5 Years of experience working in a front end engineering capacity
  • Mastery of JavaScript and/or Node.js
  • Experience building performant, responsive interfaces with at least one modern web framework:
    • Ember.js, Vue.js, and React preferred.
  • A passion for great UX, attention to detail, and empathy for the customer experience.
  • A high bar for code quality, and an interest in building toolchains that make building, testing, and releasing web application code as efficient as possible.
  • Familiarity with asset pipelines, build tools, testing, continuous integration
  • Bachelors or Masters degree in Computer Science, MIS, related field or equivalent experience.

Nice to Have:

  • Experience working with data pipelines, warehousing, and analytics tools (Spark, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Redshift)
  • Experience developing mobile apps (iOS, Android, mobile web)
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