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About Us 
Plate IQ is helping restaurants transform their operations with beautiful modern tools and data. We are a small and diverse team with a good mix of engineers and team members with restaurant experience. We help hundreds of small to medium sized restaurants from michelin 3 stars and regional chains to mom and pop operations. We are probably the only thing common between Jamba Juice, the French Laundry and NYC Halal Carts. Some of the problems we are trying to solve now are "Why can't restaurants just search for the best priced chicken instead of calling up a dozen suppliers?", "Can there be a searchable archive of all the data restaurants generate ?", "How can we perfectly digitize millions of invoices"

The Role 
Plate IQ is looking for a Full Stack Engineer to contribute lead our product efforts and help us take our current product, loved by many restaurants across the country to the next level. Our stack is based on Django, Angular, Postgres, Heroku, AWS, Lambda. Expertise in Django is a big plus but familiarity with other modern technologies is a solid substitute. Some things we have built in house include a distributed state machine, a custom deep learning based OCR, a mini Mechanical Turk.

We are not tied to a particular tech stack so if you have a strong background in other frameworks, we are open to that. Taking ownership of the product backend and leading the way is the most important trait we are looking for.

In a typical week you would.. 
- Discuss, plan, and build new features onto our frontend/backend codebase 
- Collaborate with designers, product managers and other stakeholders in defining the user experience. Triage and fix bugs, often working directly with our existing users 
- Manage code reviews through pull requests to make sure we're moving fast while also maintaining quality codebases 
- Help migrate some of the modules into independent micro-services. 
- Work on product features which affects 10s of thousands of customers 
- Work with our Data team to improve our data pipelines, build ETL pipelines to improve our analytics, incorporate machine learning in improving our product.

We consider the following things to be critical to your success.. 
- You think critically about your work and ask questions in order to improve the product, not only in its technical implementation but also in how well it’s serving the needs of our users 
- You have built performant, scalable backend and made pragmatic tradeoffs and can point to your prior work. 
- You have strong communication skills and are able to explain complex technical topics to the entire team in a clear and concise way 
- You are open to wearing multiple hats and eager and able to dig into other areas of the product as needed. 
- When things inevitably break—you eagerly jump in to diagnose and fix the core issues 
- You have a good sense of humor, we like to laugh and enjoy our work along the way. Sometimes we have impromptu ping pong championships

Experience working in an early stage startup is a huge plus. Understanding of Postgres is a huge plus. Experience with scaleable machine learning models is a huge plus.

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