Frontend Engineer - Datatron - SF

Build and own innovative web applications using advanced JavaScript, advanced CSS, JQuery, and Angular.js with a desire to achieve good design, usability, accessibility, performance, and mobile/responsive web pages.

You will be responsible for sound technical execution of web projects through hands-on development, quality-assurance, and prototyping. These projects will require close collaboration with our product managers, user interface designers, brand producers, data scientists, mustache enthusiasts, and engineering teams.

Projects may occur simultaneously, so you must be able to juggle multiple concurrent initiatives. We will also expect you to champion sound front end standards to engineers, designers, and management.

What we are looking for: 
A passion for doing things the right way. A defendable opinion on what comprises the “right way” is a major plus. 
Demonstrate that you’ve built outstanding websites from concept to launch. 
A keen eye for interaction design and finishing touches. 
A sense of humor and/or an ability to convincingly simulate a sense of humor. 
An eagerness to work on a product that has an unusually passionate user base. 
An abundant desire to achieve perfection, but also a readiness to necessarily compromise. 
A willingness to enjoy delicious, free lunches.

What your day will look like: 
Brief daily meeting to sync with small cross-functional team (scrum). 
Go off and crank on your project, checking in with other team members throughout the day with questions and updates. 
You leave the code in a better state than when you found it (progressive refactor). 
Participate in code reviews to ensure code quality and distribute knowledge. 
Continuous integration and deployment. 
Go home knowing that your work today is meaningfully improving the lives of every Datatron customer.

Technical requirements: 
5+ years of experience working as a Front End Engineer. (For Senior Frontend Engineer ONLY)
B.S. / M.S. in Computer Science or equivalent. (For interns required) 
Advanced level knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML5. 
Experience working with MVC frameworks like Angular.js. 
Understanding of user-centered design, progressive enhancement and graceful degradation, accessibility, SEO, responsive design, and website performance. 
Proficiency with Git/Github or other distributed version control systems. 
Proficiency with Chrome Developer Tools. 
Proficiency with the command line.

Optional, but a major plus: 
Proficiency with PHP, Python, Compass, and Angular.js. 
Experience with CSS preprocessors like Sass. 
Understanding of unit and integration testing. 
Contributions to open source projects.

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