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We have created a Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) - an amazing tool that touches people’s hearts. It combines the best functionalities of Applicant Tracking Systems, Artificial Intelligence based communication technologies and intelligent automation.

Currently, we are looking for an experienced full-stack Software Developer to create, maintain, and support software. This is a great opportunity to engage in a positive and creative work environment filled with learning opportunities.

You will learn all this and so much more: 

  • modern web development practices
  • cloud infrastructure
  • software testing, continuous integration & deliver

Your responsibilities include:

  • Define technical specifications as well as design and implement new functionality for our software, based on various sources of input.
  • Maintain and improve the performance and reliability of our existing software.
  • Clearly and adequately communicate with the rest of the team and technical support colleagues.
  • Participate in customer support duties.
  • Provide a clear markup structure for styling and testing of front-end
  • Test and maintain software products to ensure reliability, performance and scalability.

We believe in co-creating and defining your final job description together to match your interests and qualifications in the best possible way. In that way, you will have an optimal opportunity to enjoy and learn from the work.

While your past achievements are important, what you can do in the future matters the most. We don't expect you master specific technologies now but rather be able to learn quickly the required skills. We are together in this and help each other at all times.

Watch the video below to get to know our team members, your future colleagues! Meet TalentAdore's CEO, Software Developers, CMO, Customer Success Managers, and a few more.


First application date:
Employment type: Full-time

What we need from you

  • Advanced programming skills
  • English
  • Finnish
  • Open mind to learn new things and grow
  • Excellent communication skills

What we would also like from you

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Problem solving

You are required to know how to program in Python, JavaScript or another higher level programming language, be open to learn the tools and practices our development team uses, and be able to express your ideas clearly.

We would greatly appreciate other skills you might have, such as practical experience with Python web frameworks, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, React.js. It is also be beneficial, if you were comfortable with writing tests alongside the code and feel at home with git. Mature visual-design and UX-design skills are a big plus.

A few words about our hiring process and what you can expect from it. Our candidates go through an application review, followed by a coding challenge. After that you may be invited for a talk over the phone. Further steps will include face-to-face interview at our headquarters for a small coding exercise and a general discussion. Most promising candidates will be invited to the interview with the entire development team and other members of TalentAdore family. After that, we are ready to propose job offers. The length and time-span of the process will depend on the quantities and qualities of the candidates. We will keep you regularly informed about the progress and if you are not selected we will tell you why.

We are committed to helping you enjoy the interaction with us - it will be a true two-way dialogue. We realise choosing a place to work is an important decision for you and investment of your time. Our goal is to support you to the best of our abilities.


  • Ownership potential
  • Flexible working hours
  • Lunch benefit
  • Extended healthcare
  • Remote work opportunity
  • Challenging responsibilities

Our client base is diverse and includes some of the biggest employers here in Finland and abroad. Our advisory board consists of superstars from different fields so your exponential learning is guaranteed. We will give you as much responsibility and opportunities to grow as you feel comfortable having.

We offer you interesting technical challenges, flexible working hours, remote work with regular meetings at the office. Our office is located next to the Savio train station so it can be easily accessed by train e.g. from Helsinki. 


As part of our one-family concept, your overall wellbeing is important for us. We are excited to hear more about you - what you believe in, your desired form of employment, future plans etc. - so apply today!


TalentAdore Ltd. is a Finnish HR technology company founded in 2014. We bring the human touch back to recruitment with our Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA). It integrates Applicant Tracking System, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) based communication technologies and advanced automation. 

The VRA empowers recruiting companies to give 100% personalised status updates and feedback messages to each job candidate -- individually and with no extra time. They can handle the entire recruitment process from job postings to hiring decisions and to measuring employer brand in real time, as well as building their own talent community.

Location: Kumitehtaankatu 5, 04260 Kerava
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