Full Stack Engineer - Human Diagnosis Project - SF

The Human Diagnosis Project ( Human Dx ) is enabling the world’s first open diagnostic system in
order to understand the best steps to help any patient. By combining the collective intelligence of
doctors with machine learning, Human Dx intends to enable more accurate, affordable, and
accessible care for all.
Now the world’s largest open medical project, Human Dx is structured as a partnership between the
social, public, and private sectors. Its partners include many of the nation's top medical boards,
societies, academic centers (including Harvard, Hopkins, and UCSF), and financial supporters
(including Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and the Moore Foundation).
We are looking to further expand our team with exceptional people who possess a strong sense of
social mission.
Our Engineering function builds and shapes the fundamental technologies that enable the Human
Diagnosis Project.
Ideal candidates will:
● Build unique interfaces and systems around structured data input to allow us to encode highly
nuanced medical information with a level of speed, fidelity, and resolution not previously
● Implement novel and best-in-class techniques in natural language processing, speech-to-text,
computer vision, information retrieval, machine learning, and cross-platform evolving user
● Architect, optimize, and scale how Human Dx processes, encodes, structures, and analyzes the
world’s collective medical insight within a generalized hypergraph.
● Iterate on a self-evolving system using proactive online learning (with reinforcement
components) trained from collective human, machine, and organizational agents.
● Consciously consider how Human Dx will best serve members of the global patient, medical,
scientific, and technology communities and how to make the Project’s code, documentation,
APIs, and applications open and accessible to the world.
● Ask questions, solicit and relish feedback, iterate quickly, and implement solutions.

Ideal candidates have:
● A bachelor’s degree (PhD or master’s preferable) in computer science or engineering from a
top-tier program. Candidates with less traditional backgrounds (e.g., math, physics, neuroscience,
etc.) will also be considered, assuming they demonstrate a mastery of software engineering
● Experience working at a top-tier startup, tech company, academic research group, research
laboratory, open source project, or other world-class training environment.
● A commitment to service and a strong desire to help the underserved.
● Familiarity working and thriving in early-stage organizations and/or other resource-constrained
● Eagerness to join a high-performance institution and continually advance their knowledge and
skills through self-reflection and feedback.
● Strong leadership and communication skills.
Current Technologies
Amazon Web Services: Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3
Application Frameworks: Django
Build & Container Tools: Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker
Charts: D3.js
Continuous Integration: Jenkins
Data Processing: NumPy, Scikit-learn
Databases: Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
Languages: Python, Go, Javascript, Objective-C
Libraries and SDKs: React, React Native
Search: Elasticsearch

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