Full Stack Web Engineer - Prezi - SF

Prezi strives to enable people to share ideas in a more engaging and more effective way by helping people build and deliver moving stories.

To help our business stay on mission, Prezi’s Customer Bridge Team in San Francisco is looking for a full stack engineer to join us building a world class, hyper-effective, well synchronized, rapidly scaling Go-To-Market operations.

This team aims to further grow Prezi’s impact and outreach by developing systems to power an innovative and sustainable business model based on highly effective self-service, assisted user acquisition and successful operations. In this team, we work with the Go-To-Market teams (Marketing, Support, Sales, Success) to support a seamless and consistent overall customer experience, including anticipating, advocating for and addressing our users’ immediate needs in any stage of their relationship with Prezi. All of that with a laser focus on iterative increments of customer value.


- Implement capabilities for our customers as well as for our colleagues in their customer-facing roles such as Sales, Support, Marketing and Customer Success teams.

- Make a significant contribution to the business by working with a cross-functional team to provide expertise, ship high-quality work, and complex components.

- Work in an agile team and continuously refine our own processes towards best team performance and most fun

- Work through a variety of technical challenges that will require creativity and close collaboration across internal functions (design, UX, sales, marketing, etc).

- Release early, release often, deploy to production from day one.

- Work with a toolchain across infrastructure, data, continuous integration, back end, front end and 3rd party integrations with new things to pick up on the way.

- Coordinate and own development projects from beginning to end. Plan, implement with your fellow engineers, release, measure, repeat.

- Contribute to building our dev tools and architecture to enable us to more quickly ship new features into production at scale. We dedicate typically 20% of our sprints to this, while we also rely on our Infrastructure Team to help with major, company-wide tooling and infrastructure support.

- Participate in hackathons and engineering days


- A passion for delivering value to users

- Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

- 2+ years experience in developing web applications in production (e.g. backend using Python/Django, frontend using Backbone, Bootstrap, React)

- A solid understanding of the full web technology stack (e.g. HTTP, cookies, asset loading, caching, REST)

- A passion for clean, maintainable, well-tested code

- Experience working with applications at scale

- The ability to structure and build complex client side applications

- Knowledge of test automation of backend and frontend applications

- Extensive knowledge of responsive design, web standards and modern browsers

- A passion for user-centric interface design

- Ability and willingness to learn fast and pick up new things easily 

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