Full-stack Engineer - Arch - SF

- We are ultimately a platform company so building solid infrastructure with good foundations is critical to us. This is why we like candidates that have experience, but more importantly, believe in good SW practices (e.g. Cean code, Unit Testing, Continues Integration).

- As an early Startup, it is common for us not to have a perfect spec for what we want to build, so we need candidates that can handle uncertainty and be good at implementing the 80-20 rule. Basically people that know when to take the time for a solid, long lasting implementation, and when to cut corners for a quick implementation.


- The ideal candidate will be smart and with a strong background in SW engineering, with practical experience in Python/Django (Python is a must).

- The ideal candidate will have experience deploying real-life servers, and/or some experience with AWS

- Experience with Kafka, Spark or streaming and/or big data is a plus


Our tech:

- Backend: Django based server on AWS with some level of Serverless functions: https://stackshare.io/arch-systems-inc/iotile-cloud

- Frontend: Angular (v4) WebApp and Ionic Framework based Mobile App:  https://stackshare.io/arch-systems-inc/iotile-webapp  

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