Full-stack Engineer - Seeds - SF

Seeking a full stack developer with an early-stage vibe - eager to learn, able to switch contexts quickly, and excited to problem solve on a high level, from the vantage point of the needs of company as a whole.

The ideal candidate:

-has a deep understanding of iOS, Android, and Unity development 
-has SDK/API integration and troubleshooting experience 
-is a great communicator, unusually resourceful, a hustler who enjoys surmounting the challenges startups see as they're beginning to rapidly scale 
-is someone who cares deeply about making the world a better place through tech 
-is hungry

Currently our backend is mostly NodeJS/MongoDB/PostgreSQL hosted in AWS, frontend is React/Elm, and the mobile SDKs have been written in native languages (Objective C, Android Java and Unity C#). We are also starting to write microservices in Erlang to accommodate the needs of our growing customer base.

This teammate will help us more rapidly approach our big dream: building social good into every digital product that exists, and thereby killing the banks.

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