Full-stack Software Engineer - Angel Health - SF

Healthcare is messed up because it is centered around doctors. Angel Health is a revolutionary
software system centered around each individual person. We aim to upend the information
asymmetries that create inefficiency. You are the CEO of your health. It's time we put the right
tools in your hands.
We are taking on Goliath. Electronic health records systems (EHRs), payers, and
pharmaceuticals control all our health data. Any change to the status quo challenges the
incumbents, and as a result, no existing company will innovate. But, their hubris is a weakness.
They only have a tiny fraction of the important data. The most valuable data resides with you –
in your heads, DNA, and devices. At Angel, we are focused on giving you the tools to create
and control your data, letting you decide how you want to engage with health professionals. As
we help you generate more data, the power in healthcare will shift toward you.
Healthcare is complex. Marketplaces are hard. If you want a job that is well-defined and
comfortable, then Angel is not the place for you. If you want the responsibility of radically
transforming healthcare, and if you are crazy enough to believe you have the audacity,
creativity, and humility to change the system, then we are dying to hear from you.
We are looking for an engineer who wants to revolutionize health. We're not into dings and
dents, but instead polish and expansion. Our mission is to build a comprehensive timeline for
your health. Our hypothesis is that all the current problems in healthcare stem from our
provider-centric systems. Once we have patient-centric data, then we will see miraculous results
from deep learning on health and biology data.
As a Full Stack Software Engineer, you'll be responsible for building features from data model to
user interface. You should be comfortable meeting with customers and at home working with
product and design teams to take a mockup to production. You will work on everything from
database design and devops to user interfaces and end-to-end testing. Your job is to build lots
of exceptional software.
Are you up for the challenge of building an entirely new data paradigm for healthcare? Do you
want to make a positive impact in the world and build infrastructure that will improve the health
of humanity? Come, help us build amazing products and find new answers for the next

26 Feb 18

Our Stack
● Aptible for HIPAA compliant hosting
● Docker for deployment
● PostgreSQL for database
● Django for web framework and API
● Angular for user interfaces

● Comfortable prototyping with web frameworks like Django and Angular
● Confident with Python and Javascript/Typescript
● Competent building API interfaces
● Intuition for clean, well-designed code base
● Familiarity with cloud infrastructure and security
● Desire to work closely with product, design, and business teams
● Strong fundamentals of data structures, systems design, and efficient algorithms
● Charitable, Courageous, and Creative

● Comfortable building iOS (Swift)/Android (Java) apps
● Experience with Kafka Streams, or similar data stream library, experience
● Proficient in functional programming languages like Clojure
● Proficient in Java/C++/Go

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