Full-stack developer - ALICE - San Francisco

Our engineering team is small but mighty. As one a Full-stack Engineer at ALICE, you will have room to shape your work and have an outsized impact on our product and our culture. You will work across our tech stack to develop our enterprise-grade application, help institute processes for ensuring our products have high code quality and minimal bugs/rework, collaborate with our founder and customers on product features, and more. We're looking for engineers who relish the subtle interaction details that make products delightful and the hard technical challenges involved in making a desktop-grade web app with a scalable code base. 


The Stack
We want you to solve complex problems using elegant and scalable solutions. Your code should be easily readable and well-documented. You treasure your users and don’t disappoint them with regressions and a convoluted UI. You prefer static typing, immutable data structures, pure functions and clean APIs. This is an amazing opportunity to contribute to a new kind of tool, work with 3D in the browser, juggle big data, architect perfect solutions to most complex problems, explore AI algorithms, and much more.

The Product
Not only will you work directly with our founder and customers, but you'll also get to influence product features and direction. You will have the opportunity to work across all levels of the stack. Our engineers are encouraged to visit customers on-site and consistently provide valuable input on our product roadmap.

The Team
We are simultaneously growing and evolving our app and our team. We are focused on continuous, iterative improvement to customer satisfaction, quality/speed/ease of development, personal growth and professional achievements. You will have the opportunity to directly impact the product we build, the tools we use, the processes we follow and the team we build.


Strong computer science fundamentals.
Commitment to clear, modular, and reusable code.
Good communications skills and open-mindedness.
Experience with modern frameworks, web stack, and high availability software.


Bonus Skills

Functional Programming (Scala, Haskell, Erlang, Elm, or others)
SQL/NoSQL databases
Front-end development
Experience with distributed or decentralized systems
AI/ML-related skills
Experience with security, networking, or devops
Any unusual and useful skills you may have

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