Full stack engineer - CoinTracker - San Francisco

CoinTracker’s mission is to make cryptocurrency easy to use.

To that end, we have started by building a portfolio manager for cryptocurrency. CoinTracker integrates directly with exchanges and wallets to auto-sync your balances and transactions. On top of this, we have solved one of the biggest pain points in cryptocurrency: filing taxes.

Looking forward, there is an immense opportunity not only to further improve crypto portfolio management and taxes, but also to make crypto trading more user-friendly, to build a simple, secure, reliable crypto wallet, to make it easier to use crypto for payments, and much more. Our challenge is to hide the complexity of multiple exchanges, blockchains, and the rapidly evolving crypto landscape away from the end user, thus making it accessible to a broad user base and ultimately help cryptocurrency become a fundamental fabric of society.

We are looking for engineer #1 to join our team and work alongside the founders to tackle the difficult, exciting opportunities ahead of us. Everything to date has been built in-house by our founders and we are venture-funded by Y Combinator, Initialized Capital (first seed investors in Coinbase), and many other great angels.

=== Responsibilities === 
- Designing and building new products and features from the ground up 
- Defining and improving the technical architecture 
- Rapidly launching, testing, and iterating on product features 
- Building across the entire tech stack 
- Being attentive to performance, scalability, and security 
- Defining the product roadmap 
- Evolving the company strategy and culture as we continue to grow

=== Requirements === 
- Maker that can build awesome products and features from the ground up 
- Strong software fundamentals and high code quality 
- Familiarity with some combination of Python, Javascript, Flask, React, iOS and Android development 
- Ability to make sound product & UX decisions 
- Interest in cryptocurrency/blockchain 
- Sense of humor

We don't expect expertise across all of these areas — we’re looking for candidates that are particularly strong in a few areas, and have some interest and capabilities in others.

=== What to share === 
- LinkedIn/Resume 
- GitHub/Past projects

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