Full stack web developer - Pretia - Tokyo

- We're hiring a full-stack web developer to develop our recently-released VR, computer vision application
- You will be required to launch new services and manage the development team in the future

Job description
- Develop our existing VR travel experience service
- Languages and frameworks: Java, JavaScript, React, React Native, AWS, Python

About us
- We're a VR, computer vision startup producing a digital platform on which our users can enjoy an instant travel experience
- To break the mold and make travel less money/time/energy-consuming, we're shooting 360 videos at the famous tourist spots around the world and streaming them to smartphones or VR headsets via our platform
- Corporate Site: http://www.pretia.co.jp/english

- More than 2 year long experiences on front-end and back-end combined: Django, Python & React or Angular.jst

- Experience with Node.js, JavaScript and Python

Non-technical skills
- Natural leadership and willing to take initiatives
- Eager to grow services and contribute to the company
- Willing to challenge the rapidly growing VR and computer vision industry by making use of your experience

- Depends on the candidate's previous experience and degrees

- Working hour: 
- Usually 10:00-19:00 with 1-hour long break
- Time flex OK, results required
- Transportation: 100% covered

First application date:

Who we are looking for

Interested in a long-time worker. Candidates should be willing to commit for 10-12 months

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