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Just over a year ago, we started building the inbound recruiting operations for Enfo with Enfo’s growth plan in mind. During the past 12 months, we have successfully ramped up the recruitment function, formed a Nordic Talent Acquisition team, developed the recruitment processes and set up the recruitment system & tools.  As we approach now the next phase of the inbound recruiting plan, we are also looking to hire a Head of Talent Acquisition to steer, coach and continue to develop our Nordic recruitment operations towards fully functional inbound recruitment operations.


Could this be your next career move?


What is this role?

First and foremost, consider this role equivalent to the position of a sales director of a growth company leveraging inbound marketing to drive sales. Your sales team are the Talent Acquisition Managers working currently from 3 different locations. Your job is to make sure they are inspired, encouraged and capable of working towards the recruitment numbers daily. So, this is a leadership function for a person with excellent social skills and an ability to influence decision making, drive for results, a big heart for empathy and big ears for listening.

Secondly, this is a change management -role. Since the beginning of 2018, Enfo has been on our own business transformation journey building a growth company with a plan to become bigger than our parts together. As the Head of Talent Acquisition, you will act as an agent guiding both your team as well as the organisation together towards the recruitment goals losing the traditional means and leveraging the modern practices and methods of recruitment. It’s the only way to respond to the growing talent needs of the business.

And finally, this is a strategic role, with hands-on -approach. The Head of Talent Acquisition must live for the big picture, be able to keep a strong focus on the plan and keep implementing it, both during smooth sailing and choppy waters.


How does success look like in this role?

We are driven by efficiency and delivering results here at Enfo. The same goes for this role.

During the first 3 months:

  • you have learned to know your team members, and they know how you can help them to succeed
  • you have started to develop great, trusting partnerships with all our internal stakeholders and they see how you and your team can help them to deliver their goals
  • you and your team have a mutual understanding of what needs to be done this year to meet the recruitment goals
  • you have started collaborating with your new colleagues within Marketing & communications driving Enfo corporate brand and inbound marketing

By the end of 2019, together with your team and our partner consultant, we have incorporated the critical inbound recruiting elements in practice and are systematically building awareness, growing affinity as well as generating and nurturing recruitment leads towards conversion.

Due to the unique nature of IT recruiting, we believe you have extensive experience from IT recruiting in any or many roles where you have experienced the evident pain and have developed ways to overcome that pain.


What are the benefits of this role for me?

Add together nearing 200 new hires per annum, deploying rare inbound recruiting methodology to a company going through enough changes as we speak, and driving a team scattered already into 3 locations successfully towards goals is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

Is it yours?

  • Imagine if, you would be one of the first in the Nordics, maybe even in the world to deploy the inbound recruitment methodology into an IT company. How well does that look in your CV? Talking about forerunners!
  • Imagine yourself with a reputation of a leader who talents aspire to work with and follow, as you set an example of a leader who inspires, enables and encourages the talent managers relentlessly in their roles and goals.
  • And as a result of these, imagine how you and your team will become irreplaceable and respected business partners at Enfo.

If this is what you can imagine for yourself, act now.


It is paramount that you have:

•    a modern, open mind willing to learn and adopt the inbound recruiting methodology yourself,

•    you have excellent communications skills in written, in spoken and in front of small or bigger crowds in English.


This position is likely to be located at our Stockholm office, but we’re willing to consider our other offices for the best match. In all cases, you should be prepared to lead a team located around the Nordics.


We are looking forward to reading your application! 


Interested to learn more?

Read the blog: Why are we building Inbound Recruiting operations at Enfo? >>


Questions? Contact Mila Javander Asplund on mila.javander@enfo.se


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