Infrastructure Engineer - Quizlet - SF

Recent projects infrastructure engineers at Quizlet have worked on include moving our entire architecture to Google Cloud and setting up a massively scalable data pipeline. We have a small, nimble team relative to Quizlet's traffic and impact, so you'll immediately take on lots of responsibility. You'll work on building and scaling high-availability server systems, high-performance search, automation, optimizing data storage, among many other challenges.
Quizlet is an indispensable utility used daily by millions of students and teachers around the globe. If our site goes down, even just for a few minutes, the pain is felt intensely. Speed is crucial, and downtime is not an option as we grow - during the school year, we are in the top 50 most-visited websites in the U.S. These are challenges you will face on day one at Quizlet.


- Have proven experience building resilient, scalable architecture and troubleshooting various back-end challenges under pressure.
- Have significant experience with Linux or Unix, PHP, MySQL, bash, Puppet or similar back-end systems and frameworks.
- Have the ability to comfortably navigate the full web stack for visibility into how the entire system is operating.
- Always strive to improve reliability, performance, scalability and all other parts of an infrastructure.

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