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Infrastructure engineer

Roles and responsibilites

- Build an interactive programming anvironment backend
- Build a cointaner orchestration solution for live-deployment
- Design and implement cloud development APIs
- Deploy and operate server clusters (DevOps)


Key qualifications


- Expert-level knowledge in one of systems programming languages (Go, Rust, C++...)
- Understanding of routing, Linux network stack, proxies, load-balancers etc.
- Experience working with containers and understanding of server virtualization
- Experience deploying and maintaining large systems
- Experience in API and RPC design
- Self-directed and comfortable working autonomously
- Ability to debug problems in production systems. i.e. comfortable reading logs


Bonus points


- Expert Golang programmer
- Appreciation for simplicity and pragmatism
- Experience building platform/infrasturcture/runtime as a service
- Contributed to relevant open-source projcets: Linux kernel, container solutions etc.


P.s. if you are a talented hacker but don't really fit the requirements then get in touch anyways!

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