Junior Experience Consultant - Growth Analyst

We are looking for a passionate and ambitious colleague with a keen interest for customer experience, analytics and technology. You will be working hands on with digital marketing assignments in an ever changing technical landscape.

In the role as a Junior Experience Consultant - Growth Analyst, you will be working as a part of a digital transformation team, responsible for developing & delivering marketing performance analyses and program recommendations for marketing and product leaders. You will be will key in contributing to business growth with focus on delivering insights based on test hypothesis and also implementing changes into ongoing programs based on your insigts. In your role, you will also support in the ongoing analysis of business performance and product development decisions on a day-to-day basis.

We are looking for several people with different skill sets. You have graduated within the last year or two years and might not have much experience working with different marketing tools yet, but don't worry! You will get to work with leading technologies such as Google, Adobe, Salesforce, Marketo and many many more! As long as you are curious and constantly want to push yourself to the limits of your knowledge, you'll do just fine. Most likely you are passionate about digitalization, marketing and new technologies, growth and results just as we are. You are And if you really want to challenge the status quo and get people to see their business in a new way - you will have a great journey with us!

Our assignments range from big team deliveries as a part of an Avaus cross-competence team, to more focused expert deliveries for world-wide customers as a part of their teams. You will be able to broaden your knowledge and deepen your skills with the help of your Avaus colleagues across four cities; Stockholm, Helsinki, Gdansk and Munich.


Your key responsibilities include:

This is a central role in our projects, which makes the position both demanding and rewarding. In this role you will learn how to analyse, create and optimizie engaging experiences and drive results with a marketing technologies in digital channels.You will be learning fast, and a lot. We believe you will feel that you have a big impact on the team and the customer you are working with.

You will most likely be doing some of these things:

  • Analyzing campaign/landing pages and other light applications and making hands on updates to ongoing programs. (Learning the basics in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL)
  • Supporting in the analysis and optimisation of digital advertising campaigns (Display, Social, SEM)
  • Analyzing web, CRM and digital marketing results and creating suggestions for further improvement and optimisation across channels.
  • Generating insights and executing continious A/B testing and optimizing workflows based on results.
  • Delivering key business results such as driving customer aqcuisition, increasing up&cross-sell activites, churn reduction and increasing ROI.
  • Being responsible for ongoing reporting on business results towards customers. 
  • Operating Marketing Automation software, including building and optimizing workflows based on insights and data. 
  • Being in daily contact with clients and colleagues in cross functional teams


You might have a clear path towards CRM Analytics with customer experiences in mind, but that is not necessary. We think your personality, will to learn, and ambition is just as important as the skills you have. There are some things we think will help you succeed in this role at Avaus:

  • Business and anlytical oriented mindset
  • Project management/coordination experience
  • Experience in developing CRM reports and delivering insights
  • Basics in Web / marketing analytics
  • Curiousity to learn more about data driven marketing and marketing technology
  • Team player skills with consultative ”can-do” attitude and good communication skills
  • The ability to see “the bigger picture” and understand how marketing technologies fit in the marketing landscape
  • Quick understanding of customers marketing and business needs
  • Fluency in Swedish and English. Fluency in Norwegian, Danish and or Finnish is a plus!

For a head start in this role, you might have:

  • Higher education MBA or other relevant education
  • Experience in working as a consultant (e.g. internship/training/assignments)
  • Experience in working with marketing technologies such as marketing Automation, Digital advertising, SEO, data enrichment and web personalization.
  • Experience from customer engagement marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, channel marketing
  • Hidden nerdy skills (ie. can read and understand HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript)
  • Experience in measuring the business impact of marketing, BI / marketing analytics, dashboard and report creation.


Working at Avaus

What is it like to work here you ask? Well, there are several answers to that question.
If you ask our colleagues:

  • 97% of them would say that the people at Avaus are great to work with
  • 92% would say that most people are willing to help when asked
  • 91% would say that all employees treat each other with respect.

And if that's not answer enough:

  • 90% would say that they feel welcomed to and part of the team regardless of who they are working with
  • 90% have a good relationship with their manager
  • 90% feel they are able to make use of workplace flexibility when needed

If you ask us as an employer, we want to offer our people the best opportunities to learn more and faster than anywhere else. We are a home for ambitious individuals who are eager to take ownership, have the will to work hard together with great colleagues all around the world. A place for individuals who strive for learning, growth and measurable results without losing the human touch and having fun while doing it. No hierarchies or unnecessary bureaucracy, but rather fast decisions and ownership of your own development and projects.

If you ask our customers, they will say that at Avaus you will be a part of transforming and creating customer experiences with an algorithmic approach. They trust that we know what we are doing, which leads you to having free rein in creating and driving the development and innovation in your projects, and you will be a forerunner within your expertise.

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We believe that to survive, companies will have to invest in capabilities related to intelligence & AI, customer experience orchestration and change management. We are the leading marketing- and sales transformation partner in the Nordics and our mission is to foster customer-centric organisations equipped to grow and face the future. Our offices are located in Helsinki, Stockholm, Gdansk, and Munich where we work with leading Nordic B2C and B2B companies.


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