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LearnIT – Coding and Finnish Language

Apply between 26 October 2020 and 9 December 2020 23:59 (Europe/Helsinki)

LearnIT - Coding and Finnish Language is a training program for those who are looking for a chance to learn new programming skills, polish their existing ones and improve their Finnish. In the training you will refresh your programming skills up-to-date and learn Finnish!

This training is targeted to those whose native language is not Finnish and for those who need improvement for their Finnish language skills. Participants should have advanced beginner proficiency level A2.2 in Finnish as we do not start from the very basics of Finnish. You should be fluent in spoken and written English in order to succeed in this course. With the help of this training, you can apply for programming jobs such as Back-End Developer or Front-End Developer.

What is LearnIT?


LearnIT is a nine-month-program that offers you the opportunity to update your skillset and to learn and practice new technologies with modern programming languages. You will gain hands-on experience with new tools and methods. The program gives you an opportunity to learn Finnish language in an authentic work environment.

The training is primarily targeted for Pirkanmaa TE Services job seeker customers.

Info sessions online
In the info sessions you will hear more about the training and are able discuss the details of the training. The will be two online sessions offered with similar agenda. Please enroll beforehand to the one that suits you better. You will receive a link to the online meeting before the event
- November 11 at 1pm - 2:30pm - direct link to the online session:
- December 2 at 1pm - 2:30pm 

Content and methods

The training is full-time and implemented as blended learning. Training includes face-to-face and online studies and meetings as well as studying independently. There can be restrictions in contact teaching due to COVID-19.

Training is made of three key elements: programming, Finnish language and on-the-job-learning. On top of these, all participants get tips and support for career management, job seeking and occupational wellbeing. Training is personalized for each participant based on their respective skills, needs and targets.

1. Programming
-software project management,
-development environments and tools,
-front-end development,
-back-end development,
-cloud services and
-databases and data warehouse.

2. Working-Life-Oriented Finnish Language
-evaluation of language skills, and personal learning objectives,
-oral and written communication in Finnish,
-working life and culture in Finland and
-everyday life at the workplace: meetings, teamwork and customer service.

3. On-the-Job Learning
-BearIT helps you to find the internship but we also encourage you to proactively look for a possible internship yourself
-three months of practical training in an authentic working environment
-put your knowledge into practice, solve real-world problems and improve your skills in cooperation with employees at the workplace and your tutor.

The programming training is provided by BearIT and Finnish language training by its subcontractor Valmennuskeskus Public.



To succeed and enjoy the training you will need some previous IT or coding experience from work or hobbies, Finnish language at advanced beginner proficiency level A2.2 and fluency in written and spoken English.

How to Apply

The application process contains two steps. Candidate must complete both steps for the application to be considered.
1. Fill in the application at TE Services website by clicking "Hae tähän koulutukseen". Primarily, applications for labour market training should be submitted online. If you fill in the application without your online banking codes, you need to verify your application at TE-office before the application period ends. You can also apply by filling in a form that you can pick up at the TE-office. Return the form to the TE-office.
2. Fill in the application form for BearIT by clicking the button “Apply for this position” on this page and attach your informal application and CV to your application. In your application, we wish you to describe your previous work experience, your current situation and your personal goals for competence development. Moreover, we would like to hear which technologies, sectors and work tasks you are interested in working with in the future. After submitting your application you will receive an email invitation from BearIT for an online competence survey.

The students are selected to the training based on their applications and interviews. Your own interest and motivation are vital for achieving the objectives of the training, and for this reason, tell us about them in the applications. Both TE services and BearIT like to read about your ICT background and description of your Finnish language skills and motivation.

If you logged in with your IDs when filling in the application, you can monitor the application's progress online using the Omat hakemukset (My applications to training) at If you are admitted to labour market training, the training provider will usually send you a specific invitation to the training. The invitation will also contain key information about the start date and other arrangements of the training programme.
- Application period ends 9.12.2020.
- The interviews will be held 17.-18.12. with Microsoft Teams.
- Training starts on 11.1.2021.


Information about Labour Market Training

Information on applying for training and the financial benefits to be paid during the training can be obtained from the TE Service Educational Advisers. You can call the helpline 0295 020 702 from Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 4:15 pm. On the educational advice Facebook pages at, you will find up-to-date information about such questions as possibilities for studying, funding your studies and various sectors and occupations.

During participation in labour market training, you are paid the unemployment benefit to which you would be entitled as an unemployed jobseeker (labour market subsidy, basic unemployment allowance or earnings-related unemployment allowance). In addition you can be granted a supplementary amount and compensation for expenses. More information on labor market training can be found at TE Services website. Labour market training is primarily intended for adults who are unemployed or at risk of losing their jobs and who have completed their compulsory education.


Contact Information

- Information about the content and implementation of the training, please contact BearIT:
- Information about the selection process and other TE office related issues, please contact Ms. Kati Lammi,


Training is publicly funded by Pirkanmaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (Pirkanmaan ELY-keskus). As it´s meant for unemployed and for those under risk of becoming unemployed, applicant must be registered as job seeker at TE Services. Training application must also be sent to TE services as mentioned above.

Declaration of Data Protection

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