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At Diffbot, we believe that access to structured information will be the critical resource for the coming wave of intelligent applications—for everything from new app experiences, to search assistants, to enterprise business intelligence. 

That’s why our team of world-class AI researchers is building a machine that can autonomously synthesize the world’s largest database of structured information and looking for those that want to join us on this mission.  

Machine Learning Engineer

We’re looking for talented and driven machine learning engineers with a unique area of expertise that can be applied to improving the performance and capabilities of our autonomous knowledge acquisition system. You like ambitious (but rigorous) objective functions that are tied strongly to business goals.


  • Develop systems for better-than-human level knowledge extraction

  • Improve the accuracy of existing machine learning systems


  • Bachelor’s or equivalent in engineering discipline

  • Specialized research (non-academic is OK) in machine learning methods

  • Success optimizing machine learning benchmarks to competitive levels of accuracy

  • Experience in writing algorithms for speed and scalability

Preferred Skills

  • Masters or PhD in computer science

  • Java, Python, C++, CUDA

  • Published research in CV/NLP topics

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