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We are constantly looking for new talent to join our startup team! We believe that work should be so much more than just work. We develop solutions that increase both the level of automation and human touch in the recruitment process. Our focus is global. We do not believe in defining a position rigidly prior to meeting with you. In contrast, we shall finetune the position to suit optimally your true interests and qualifications. The level of responsibility will be set alike. We co-create the position together with you in the same way as we co-create business and products with our customers!


Our client base is diverse and includes some of the biggest employers here in Finland and abroad. Our advisory board consists of superstars from different fields so your exponential learning is guaranteed. We will give you as much responsibility and opportunities to grow as you feel comfortable having.

Our office is located near the Savio train station but you can work flexibly where it makes most sense to you and your team. We often work remotely in our company.

As part of our one-family concept, your overall wellbeing is important for us. The attractively packaged opportunity for challenging responsibilities, ownership potential, flexible working hours and ways of working as well as extended healthcare for sure will contribute to your continuous motivation and personal growth.

We are excited to hear more about you - what you believe in, your desired form of employment, future plans etc - so apply today! We promise to treat each candidate with respect and care. We provide every applicant with personal feedback. Should you require further details about the job, feel free to contact us.


TalentAdore Ltd is a game-changing start-up. Its solutions increase transparency and enable all stakeholders to benefit from the ongoing digital powershift between employees and employers. TalentAdore's patented solutions power up talent pipeline engagement in a way that has never been possible before. These unique solutions are ideal for organisations that have high-volume, high-standard recruitment needs and work actively towards a strong employer brand to ensure their success.


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