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We believe that work should be so much more than just work. We develop solutions that increase both the level of automation and human touch in the recruitment process. Our focus is global. We do not believe in defining a position rigidly prior to meeting with you. In contrast, we shall finetune the position to suit optimally your true interests and qualifications. The level of responsibility will be set alike. We co-create the position together with you in the same way as we co-create business and products with our customers!

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As part of our one-family concept, your overall wellbeing is important for us. The attractively packaged opportunity for challenging responsibilities, ownership potential, flexible working hours and ways of working as well as extended healthcare for sure will contribute to your continuous motivation and personal growth.


We are excited to hear more about you - what you believe in, your desired form of employment, future plans etc - so apply today! We promise to treat each candidate with respect and care. We provide every applicant with personal feedback. Should you require further details about the job, feel free to contact us. 


TalentAdore Ltd. is a game-changing company. Our Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) is an amazing tool that touches people’s hearts. It integrates Applicant Tracking System, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) based communication technologies and advanced automation. The VRA empowers you to give 100% personalised status updates and feedback messages to each job candidate -- individually and with no extra time. You can handle the entire recruitment process from job postings to hiring decisions and to measuring employer brand in real time, as well as building your own talent community. This unique solution is ideal for organisations that need to attract more top talent or avoid losing their candidates as customers. 

Location: Kumitehtaankatu 5, Kerava
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