Operations Manager - Flow - SF

The Operations Manager for Flow represents a unique opportunity to work with proven founders at the ground
level who are empowering the financial community with connected workflows. Flow is growing quickly and seeks a
dynamic and highly competent Operations Manager to join our team.
You are an exceptionally capable person who can meaningfully contribute to the creation of Flow. Your current
and previous colleagues think of you as the ultimate task master who gets stuff done. You thrive off having defined
goals and working towards building something that has a tangible impact on your company and the customers you
serve. You are meticulously organized and have a unique gift in translating creative and ambitious goals into
concrete plans with discrete tasks.
You want to join a company at the ground level to work with people who inspire you and to help define what it
becomes. You want to learn as well as contribute your unique perspective. You will vastly improve the
effectiveness of the organization through improving the effectiveness of its leadership and carrying out operational
Success in this role creates tremendous opportunities to build your career as the company thrives.
• Client onboarding - Email communications, demo and training
• Deal management - Client support, filing securities and registrations, managing documents and storage
• Partner management - Coordinate work with our legal, banking, accounting partners
• Invoicing - Bill.com, QuickBooks
• Reporting - Sprint coordination, strategic reviews, KPI management
• Admin - Arrange and coordinate meetings, travel and events
• Mindful work ethic
• Curious and inquisitive
• Open minded
• Desire to evolve
• Humble and self-aware
• Service oriented
Abilities & Skills
• Great operator
• Ability to bring a strategic plan to life
• Ability to execute defined operations and continually improve them
• Ability to hold founders accountable
• Skill in writing clearly
• Skill in communicating professionally
• Skill in researching and distilling insights
• Skill in basic financial modeling in excel/google docs
• Skill in PowerPoint, making presentations
Education and Experience
• Bachelor's degree+
• Comfortable in excel, google docs and project management software
• Prior work experience in operations
Compensation will be competitive and reflective of experience.

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