Perception Engineer - Autonomous Driving

Work Overview

We are seeking for new people to develop obstacle detection and tracking systems for autonomous vehicles. You will be working with state-of-the-art sensor systems and surrounded by a team of highly talented engineers. Your task is to develop software that helps autonomous cars to operate safely and swiftly. In addition to normal SW engineering tasks, you will do sensor data processing, machine learning, and algorithm development.

Your tasks include the development of our obstacle detection, tracking, and traversability solutions. You should have experience in processing 3D point clouds, image processing and sensor fusion. Experience in projects related to real-time perception data processing is seen as an asset.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop software that helps autonomous cars to operate safely
  • Obstacle detection and tracking systems
  • Sensor data processing, machine learning, and algorithm development

What we need from you

  • BS/MS/Ph.D. in Computer Science, SW/Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics/Robotics Engineering or related field
  • Strong C++ Programming skills and feel comfortable with Unit Testing
  • Experience in one or more of the following areas related to perception for ADAS: Sensor Fusion, Probabilistic filters (e.g. particle and/or Kalman filter), Sensor Processing, Computer Vision, 3D Point Cloud Processing, Sensor Calibration, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Experience with ROS, Linux, and Git

What we consider a plus

  • Experience with Sensor systems such as Lidar, IMU, Radar, and Camera
  • Experience with complex systems and algorithms
  • Eager to learn new skills as a software engineer
  • Motivated to write high-quality software

What you get

  • An opportunity to learn from the best in an amazingly creative environment
  • A chance to solve challenging real-world problems and to see your code move real robots
  • Learn lots of useful skills related to SW development and robotics
  • Senior engineers will also get management responsibilities

Apply now, we are filling positions on the go.
NOTICE: Please attach your CV and a short cover letter with a salary request to your application!

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Employment type: Full-time

Sensible 4

Sensible 4 develops all weather autonomy for cars. Our team consists of highly talented engineers that have decades of experience in autonomous robots and they are ready to teach you the secrets of the industry. Team is growing fast which means that there is a great opportunity to grow with the company!

About Finland

Are you not from Finland? No worries, we are an international team and our working language is English. Finland may be dark and cold place during winter season (that’s our strength for data collection and making systems working in all weather conditions!), however, it is one of the most beautiful, peaceful and safe places to live. In fact, Finland has been ranked on of the best places in the world (, we are the happiest nation in the world, and we are know for the best education in the world. We encourage you to try out!

Location: Turuntie 42, 02650 Espoo
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