Product marketing intern - Flowcast - San Francisco

What is Flowcast?

Flowcast is disrupting trade finance with innovative analytics solutions based on AI/machine learning. We are bringing data science to enable innovative financial products to both companies who want financing and funders who want to offer financing.

What will you do?

There'll never be a dull moment at Flowcast. You'll be expected to wear many hats and work on anything and everything in startup building. Being in business development, by definition, you'll be helping to develop a business. But to name a few projects, they'll include lead gen development, prospect outreach, mktg material, conf events, and many more.

Who are you?

Pretty simple. I only hae three asks: 
1) Be detail-oriented: Don't throw things over the wall. It only takes a moment to flip through and review things twice, three times. Don't skip that step. 
2) Be proactive: Being in a small team, you're expected to think like a leader and find ways to get things done. If you like to sit back and wait for tasks being assigned, this is not for you. 
3) Be humble: There's always room to learn. Be humble and hungry to learn new things.

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