Python/Backend Engineer - Indio - SF

We're building a CRM to upgrade insurance agencies from the 20th century into the digital age. We're replacing outdated tech with beautiful client experiences that make the painful process of applying for insurance a breeze.

We're rapidly expanding our engineering team and need help taking our backend to the next level.

Our Backend Stack: 
- API backend based in Django using Django Rest Framework 
- Postgres on RDS 
- Lots of layers of data architecture in order to store the thousands of different data points required to get commercial insurance. We've built our own DB platform on top of postgres to expose managing hundreds of data structures to our non-technical operations team 
- High-end security to protect sensitive client data 
- Excel parser that uses machine learning to identify client data from uploaded spreadsheets 
- Intelligent mapping system to output any customer's data to one of hundreds of carrier PDFs

If you've worked with any of the above and want to help build a new standard of tech platforms for a massive industry, we'd love to talk more!

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