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Roima has a great mission in life: to save Europe from becoming a manufacturing museum! We hammer at this challenge at our desks, in factories and on the road. We believe that in the future, industry will offer more meaningful work to people, as automation begins to take care of the routines. And we want to be the forerunner in developing smart solutions that enable this. Read on, if you are ready to join us on our mission!

Currently we have already over 200 experts onboard, roimians, as we like to call ourselves. And we are growing fast! Not only that, we are becoming increasingly international, and the Quintiq team here at Roima is a great example of that. Right now we have offices in five cities in Finland, and units abroad in Sweden and Netherlands. Our culture and the values we live true every day are: a high-level of dedication to our clients, freedom, being down-to-earth and serious desire to develop our solutions, ourselves and our company. We have over 300 clients, and we are extremely proud to serve these industry leading companies in Finland and Europe. Want to know more? Keep reading!

We roimians are also proud of our successful partnership with Quintiq. It is a part of Dassault Systèmes, and the platform to solve world’s biggest planning puzzles. Quintiq started in 1997 as five programmers joined forces and since then it has grown from this group of five in a small office in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, to a company with close to 1000 employees in offices around the world. Quintiq has been profitable every year since it's start, and is now known as an industry leader in supply chain planning & optimization. Today, approximately 12,000 users in numerous global organizations in over 80 countries use Quintiq on a daily basis.

Now we are looking for a Quintiq Specialist (QS) to join our Quintiq team working in Espoo. This is a great career step for you, if you have a technically sound background and would like to work in solving complex puzzles directly effecting the clients business. You need to be a team-player as the hard problems we help our clients to solve require most of the time more then one brain to be involved in order to solve issues in a timely fashion. We hope that you are a quick-on-your-feet thinker, able to internalize fast business and non-functional requirements, and coming up with technical designs that ensure these are met.

The Quintiq Specialist (QS) role is all about being a developer. You will use Quintiq’s software platform, which features object oriented modeling, declarative logic (similar to functional programming languages), graph traversal, and in-memory technology for maximum performance. In one sentence the QS role is about writing efficient server-side code and developing under-the-hood sophisticated, yet uncomplicated user interfaces that allow planners to make great decisions quickly.

You will work closely with business consultants to define or review the workload, target schedule, plus the necessary hardware and software resources. During presales activities, you work with the solution architect to bring programming expertise, feasibility studies, sizing and recommendations to planned projects.

The applications designed by you, are used by customers to solve supply chain, logistical, production, shipping, and workforce planning solutions. Big part of your job is also to research, diagnose, troubleshoot and identify functional solutions in Quintiq software using your analytical skills and structured mindset.

What does joining Quintiq team mean for your professional development? You will be working with a growing team of currently +10 number of colleagues, and they truly are the sharpest tools in the toolbox. Quintiq has great opportunities for learning that you will have access to, and specified levels of expertise that will help you plan your develeopment forward. So your professional development in this team and with support from us and Quintiq is guaranteed. By joining our Quintiq team you will start a new and fruitful chapter in your work-life for years to come! Excited? Interested? Great, please apply right away!

In your cover letter please share with us, how our criteria (below) fits you and what you would bring to our community as a colleague.

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Proven experience with object-oriented design
  • Experience with relationship modeling and SQL recommended
  • Full stack experience working with client-side and server-side code 
  • In the past you have gotten praise for your effective communication
  • Working in English is a walk in the park for you (knowledge/fluency in  Finnish, Swedish or German is a big plus)

We look forward to hearing from you! If you want to know more about the position, please contact Kare: kare.huttunen@roimaint.com.

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  • Modern tools and equipment
  • Sports and culture benefit
  • Free parking
  • Lunch benefit
  • Phone benefit
  • Extensive occupational health coverage
  • Flexible worktime

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