Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Expert / DSP Software Engineer - ApolloShield - TEL-AVIV


ApolloShield builds systems that detect drones and make them go away.

We use electronic methods - from smart electronic warfare to control-taking - to achieve our goals. The challenge is to find methods that don't crash the drone and don't cause electronic interference (jamming) to other radio systems. We raised a large seed round, backed by Y Combinator and some prominent investors.


Usually, a good candidate will have a degree in Electrical Engineering and will be proficient with DSP, SDR, FPGA, and RF. 


Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Expert / DSP Software Engineer


As our Software Defined Radio expert, you will use knowledge gathered by our radio signal researcher to implement DSP algorithms and modems using real-time software. You will use commercial software and hardware (SDR) to invent methods to tackle real-time radio challenges like clock sync, phase and frequency offsets, noise, etc.



  • Core: Real-time programming experience in C/C++.

  • Core: Experience with profiling and optimizing performance-critical code.

  • Experience with Python.

  • Knowledge in DSP

  • Bonus: experience with FPGA.

  • Bonus: understanding of modems, error corrections, and digital communication protocols.

  • Advantage: Experience with using SDR to hack into radio devices like car key fobs, wireless keyboards, tracking airplanes, etc.

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