Software Engineer (Android Applications) - Poynt - Palo Alto

We live and breathe Android at Poynt. Our fork of the Android operating system runs on every single one of our payment terminals, and we build both the core apps that ship to all our merchants as well as SDKs that support all the third-party apps made by our developer community.

We build point-of-sale apps to help numerous types of merchants run their business – restaurants, retail, salons, hotels, and more. We integrate new types of payments like mobile wallets and QR codes to enable our merchants to sell to international communities. We help merchants build relationships with their customers through instant messaging and loyalty programs. We build dashboards and reporting products to give merchants insight into their business and how they can make it more profitable, more efficient, more fun.

Running a store is hard. We want our smart terminal and the apps that run on it to support our store owners, employees, and their customers as much as possible.

Android projects at Poynt

* Build an app that displays your stock count for each inventory item, plus alerts you when you run low on an item. It should automatically sync data between all of your terminals. Bonus points if you can edit stock directly from the app. 
* Create a prototype of a facial recognition payment system that runs OpenCV in a terminal app and charges the customer’s account without them having to take out their wallet. 
* Build a service that allows external systems to communicate with the Poynt terminal over TCP, Bluetooth, or Websockets. 
* Add a Visa screen and jingle after each Visa transaction to improve customer brand awareness (and get showcased at their booth at the Super Bowl).

Job requirements

* 5+ years of experience developing Android apps or services 
Bachelors or Masters degree in Computer Science, MIS, related field or equivalent experience. 
* Expertise in Android UI design and development, and a good understanding of Android Activities, Fragments, Intents, ContentProviders, Services, BroadcastReceivers, AsyncTask, Handlers, and AIDL 
* Experience writing Android clients for Web Services (REST, RPC, GraphQL, protobuf) 
* Strong in Java, data structures, design patterns, and writing beautiful, performant code. Kotlin experience is a plus.

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