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"People who are good with Scala, Spark & Python. Digital signal processing, machine learning & deep learning would be good extras. Would prefer candidates with Physics and Math background and has some experience in data analytics area."

Our Software Engineers are world-class engineers who constantly strive to demonstrate the ability to master a complex technical area and take primary responsibility for that area. We expect that you can arrive at high performance and secure solutions for a user-facing applications through some guidance. Here, you will guide, review, and integrate your own as well as the work of 1-2 other engineers while coordinating its design with product managers and other engineering groups. You will be closely work with VP of Engineering as well as other engineers and report to the CEO. 

About Falkonry:

Everything from turbines to data centers and petrochemical refineries to cement plants is a production system. Right now is a once in a generation opportunity to unlock trillions of dollars in value by improving the uptime, quality, yield, and throughput of production operations. This opportunity is global, involves every industry, and requires a very new kind of team - one that Falkonry has successfully seeded. The most successful company in this era will be one that empowers every stakeholder - all the way from the technician to the production engineer, to the site manager, and the business owner. Falkonry has created this category and is going to dominate it, which will allow it to create wealth for its customers, investors, and employees.

Falkonry is an end-user friendly pattern recognition technology for the scalable discovery and recognition of system and process behaviors from their operational time series data. Falkonry is backed by well-known Silicon Valley venture firms and led by seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders. Besides the thrill of climbing the exponential growth curve, the true benefit of joining Falkonry is the opportunity to build an incredibly powerful application that is at the leading edge of the biggest computing wave that is building up – the next generation of automation for production operations.

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