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Want to work for a funded startup in Singapore that is building the next generation of artificial analysts for marketers?Our technology turns data into insights and presentation ready reports, at a scale to support some of the largest marketers, agencies and technologies companies across the world. 

We are hiring engineers to join our team to build the next generation of Nugit SDKs, services and algorithms that automatically produce presentation ready reports in many different formats from super interactive web views, TV, old school formats such as Email, PowerPoint, and APIs that other applications can use to present Nugit data.

This is your chance to work at the absolute forefront of technology and design; using modern frameworks and a microservices architecture deployed on the cloud. 

Nugit’s team comes from 15 different countries, and specialises in many different technologies and areas such as Design, Data Engineering, Visualisation, SaaS applications.  Everyone contributes their unique skills and experience to create an awesome environment for learning, challenging yourself and delivering value to the marketing services industry.

The Role: Software Engineer

In this role you will be joining the API/Service Engineering team primarily focusing on the application service layer.

Core Responsibilities 

You will work together with the API team to:

  • Maintain and improve the internal APIs
  • Develop the API to support new front-end features
  • Improve and develop new features for the internal admin interface
  • Implement integrations with 3rd party services
  • Review and turn business requirements into actionable solution implementation
  • Contribute in Kaizen effort in tooling, processes and communication


For this role, we are seeking talented individuals who matches below profile:

  • Experienced Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Postgresql and Rspec
  • Your believe in writing tests
  • You are experienced in working with 3rd party APIs and also perfectly comfortable in building Restful API
  • You are organized and you write documentation
  • You strive at following processes and best practices
  • You are proactive and willing to learn

General Skills

  • You are entrepreneurial - you’re an independent thinker and a problem solver
  • You are effective – you use version control with git, you work fast, ship product and you get stuff done
  • You are a team player - you want to work with engineers, designers and data scientists from all over the world
  • You are adaptable - you embrace the fast paced and always changing nature of a startup
  • You are remarkable - you can show us real world examples of the amazing stuff you have built in the past
  • You are curious and a quick learner

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: How to apply & the recruitment process To make it easier for us to hire you, please summarize why we should hire you at Nugit. Education and work experience are important, but please do not hesitate to tell us about other projects you have worked on. We would love to hear about amazing things you have built in the past.Shortlisted candidates will go through a phone interview and a technical screen within a week from applying. If all goes well we will invite you over to the office to talk with fellow engineers and get a taste of working at Nugit, before we make our final decision. From start to finish, the process will take a few weeks.

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