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Are you interested in a career in recruiting, staffing or human resources? Do you like to work with people? We are currently hiring for a technical recruiter, where you will use your technical knowledge to hire candidates to join our engineering, sales and data science teams. Use your negotiation skills to help us staff bright and talented people who are looking to make an impact in our fast-paced environment. Grow our company and your career will grow along with it.

Job Responsibilities
Develop recruiting strategies that meet anticipated staffing needs
Review job orders and employment applications to match applicants with job requirements
Search for job candidates using various sources such as internet recruiting resources, networking, job fairs, recruiting firms or employee referrals
Select job applicants, confirm their qualifications and refer them to hiring team, making recommendations when appropriate
Interview job applicants as part of the screening process to get information on their work history, job skills, training and education, and inform them of the position’s duties and responsibilities, compensation, benefits and working conditions
Analyze employment data related to the position and create reports based on your findings
Advise management on implementing, organizing and preparing recruiting programs while providing them with training on interviewing, counseling techniques, performance appraisals or documentation of performance issues
Schedule phone screen and on-site interviews
Contact applicants to inform them of their application statuses and conduct background or reference checks on job applicants, particularly those who will be given job offers

Job Skills & Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree
Negotiation skills
Excellent interpersonal communication skills
Strong social aptitude and ability to build relationships
Technical knowledge to be able to talk to job prospects and understand qualifications
Coursework in business, human resources, psychology, information technology or a technical field
Previous work experience in sales, research, operations, customer service, information technology, administration or other related jobs

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