Automation Engineer, control systems

Bronto Skylift is a trusted global supplier of truck-mounted aerial platforms. We design, manufacture, sell, and service appliances for rescue and firefighting, as well as for industrial access. Whatever your job requires, our product range of over 50 models, with a range of 17 to 112 meters working height, will ensure you are up for it. From the beginning, Bronto products have featured state-of-the-art technology and have broken world records as the highest aerial platform repeatedly. Since then, we have delivered over 7,000 hydraulic platforms to fire brigades and industrial customers throughout every continent, in more than 120 countries.

Our headquarters and production plants are located in Finland. In addition to our subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA, we have an extensive network of local partners around the globe. We are part of the Japan-based Morita Holdings Corporation.

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We have an interesting role for you, and we welcome you to join our successful team. We are now looking for

Automation Engineer, control systems

to strengthen our engineering organization in Tampere.

As a Control System Engineer, you are responsible for designing state-of-the-art machine control systems for truck-mounted aerial platforms at Bronto Skylift. Cross-functional cooperation with internal and external stake holders are key for success in this role.

Your duties will include:

  • System and software requirements engineering
  • Creating control algorithms and functional specifications, including functional safety
  • Verification and validation and their development
  • Executing software projects from e2e - planning, designing, programming, and testing
  • Close cooperation with external control system programmers
  • Creating different development versions of the simulators
  • Cooperating with strength and stability designers to convert outreach diagrams into software
  • Cooperating with electrical and hydraulic designers and several different teams, etc., production and service departments

To succeed in this position, you need the following:

You should have a B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in the applicable field of engineering. We appreciate experience in control system design or embedded software engineering, preferably in mobile equipment R&D and engineering. Understanding functional safety, electricity, mechanics, and hydraulic systems is a strong benefit. You can also be a recent graduate if you have the ability and desire to learn something new. You communicate fluently both in Finnish and English. Proactive and systematic ways of working and excellent skills in problem solving will be needed.

As a person, you should be responsible, proactive, and systematic. You should have very good pressure tolerance and the ability to prioritize tasks, as well as the ability to complete multiple projects at the same time. You should have good interaction skills; you should be cooperative and work flexibly with different stakeholders. You should be enthusiastic and have the desire to learn new things.

We offer you a very interesting role in industrial development, an evolving organization, comfortable co-workers and modern ways of working. We are a stable employer: we have good employment benefits, give you the opportunity to develop your skills, and offer good career development opportunities. We familiarize you well with your role.

Inquiries and application instructions:

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Mentek Advisors on rekrytointi-, suorahaku- ja valmennuspalveluita tarjoava asiantuntijayritys, joka yhdistää osaajat ja yritykset sekä verkostot vaikuttavalla tavalla. Tarjoamme palveluitamme modernin teknologian tukemana kaikkialla Suomessa. Mentek tulee sanoista menestyksen tekijä. Yritysten ja yhteisöjen menestyksen takana on aina menestyksen tekijä, ihminen. Kun menestyksen tekijät rekrytoidaan heille soveltuviin ja merkityksellisiin työtehtäviin, toisiaan täydentäviin työyhteisöihin ja kannustavan johtamiseen piiriin, syntyy menestystarinoita. Mentekillä missiomme on mahdollistaa menestys auttamalla menestyksen tekijöitä ja yrityksiä löytämään toisensa sekä yhdistämään heidän päämääränsä yhteiseksi tulevaisuudeksi. Olemme tukena myös muutostilanteissa, kun yksilö tai yritys kohtaa haasteita.

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