Avoin hakemus taloushallinnon tehtäviin / Open application for Finance positions

Tämä avoin hakemus on tarkoitettu taloushallinnon tehtävistä kiinnostuneille. Kerrothan meille, millaisista tehtävistä olet kiinnostunut, jotta pystymme paremmin miettimään sinulle sopivia vaihtoehtoja.


This open application is for Finance positions. Kindly let us know which kind of positions and tasks you are interested in order for us to better find a suitable option.

First application date:

What we are looking for

  • suitable educational background and professional profile
  • fluent English skills


  • physical and cultural free-time activities
  • extensive occupational health-care
  • ePassi wellbeing benefit


FinVector is a fast-growing and internationally renowned biopharmaceutical company that develops and manufactures viral-based gene therapy products. As a pioneer in its operational field, FinVector has extensive experience of nearly 30 years in cGMP manufacturing. The company’s operations are centered in Kuopio, Finland, and it employs around 330 professionals from over 30 different countries. FinVector works on cutting-edge biopharmaceuticals and has invested in building state-of-the-art development and GMP facilities for Viral Vector and Cell Therapy platforms including vaccines. FinVector is owned by Ferring Ventures, a subsidiary of Ferring Foundation B.V.

Learn more: www.finvector.com

Location: Microkatu 1, Kuopio

Avoin hakemus taloushallinnon tehtäviin / Open application for Finance positions

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