Discovery Event - Pitch Challenge presented by Genelec

Pondi, the Savilahti talent pond experts, are excited to announce Discovery Event, a unique and exciting recruitment initiative in
which career seekers and entrepreneurs have an opportunity to apply their unique skills and experience to real-world business challenges.

What is a pitch challenge event?

In typical business pitches, an entrepreneur or company will pitch their capabilities or services to a company in the hope of landing new business opportunities. In our pitch challenge event, career seekers and entrepreneurs – in the hope of landing a dream career at a globally recognised company – are presented with specific industry focus areas, which gives them an opportunity to apply their unique skills and experience to real scenarios and present their ideas to company leaders.

At the Pondi Discovery Event pitch challenge event, you pitch company leaders yourself.

It’s a refreshing world away from simply submitting your CV for a job. Instead, this is your chance to meet business leaders face to face and literally show a company how you and your ideas can help make their business, and even their industry, stronger.

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Who we are looking for

We are looking for fresh eyes and fresh ideas.

The main goals of our pitch challenge event are to help career seekers see their strengths and unique skill sets in a new light, and to give employers an opportunity to meet job candidates who can bring fresh insights to a company’s existing work processes and business challenges and see and solve them from a different perspective.

Not your typical job interview.

In most job interviews, the job seeker’s CV is the focus and an employer must decide whether or not the job seeker’s education and experience can benefit the employer. But in our pitch challenge event, the work itself becomes the focus. The employer gets an opportunity to paint a picture of the company’s business focus and vision, and the job seeker gets an opportunity to show how they can support and even improve the company’s efforts.


The shortest way to work – Experts at your fingertips

Pondi is a new Savilahti talent pond implemented by KPY and Osuma Henkilöstöpalvelut, where the growing Savilahti area is at the heart with thousands of students and jobs. Pondi connects talents and jobs easily, interestingly and flexibly.

Employer, tackle the challenges of finding experts by anticipating. Get to know the talents early with the help of Pondi and make it possible for future professionals to get a grasp of your company. Pondi creates a direct channel from the employers to the students across the educational field and improves the awareness of the workplaces among experts.

Talent, get to know the employers in the area extensively before you go after your dream job. Pondi enables employments of different lengths so that you can get to know different employers or work tasks already during your studies. You will get good employer contacts and diverse working life skills even before you are ready to commit to a longer-term employment relationship.

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