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Finndent Oy, Finndent Oyhttps://finndent.com/ is a part of the Finnish Genera Group and specialized in designing and building customizable dental units. With 50 years of experience, we design and manufacture all kinds of high-tech dental equipment, dental care units and personalized and tailor-made dental solutions. All our products are design and produced in Finland. And all our coding, planning and development is done here too.

Our team is growing, and we are now looking for a:

Embedded Software Developer

To join our team in Helsinki, full time, starting this autumn.

The job:

You will be a part of our software development team, developing and continuously improving our crown jewel and most important product – the dental care unit. This is much more complicated and also more exciting than you would think at a first glance.

FD-Q development is done within the ISO 13485 quality management system and IEC 62304 Software Lifecycle Process requirements. Inside the FD-Q you can expect to find a control system of PCBs with microprocessors, system-on-board technology and IoT, that acts as the brain behind the electrical, air and water supply systems. The chair must be pleasant and attractive for the patient to lie in, and we hope you take an interest in comfort, style and clinic layouts!

Your job is to write clean, functional code, both on the front and the back end, and to ensure that the system works like a charm for dental staff who are sitting next to the equipment and working around it for 8 hours per day. You should write the code so that it is scalable, continuously test and de-bug, improve the responsiveness and efficiency of existing code and to make the equipment even better. And of course, you need to document your work and apply best development practices to everything you do.

Our chairs and dental units are the result of teamwork. For success, we encourage everybody to participate with their team and across the company to trouble shoot and innovate - and see what could be coded differently, what could be improved, work smoother, work better.  We do not only make dental units, we make the best dental units. Therefore, we need you to be passionate about designing and writing The Best Code!


We expect you to have a degree in software engineering. You do not need to be super experienced, but you should have some years of working experience from an embedded developer role and should be familiar with software development processes and best practices.

You need to have embedded programming experience. This is most relevant for us:

    • C/C++ language
    • Linux environment
    • We use mainly STM microcontrollers
    • Experience in version control systems (GIT) & other SW development tools
    • SW quality understanding and a quality-oriented mindset

We also highly value the following:

  • Front-end development experience
  • Back-end development experience
  • Experience in developing embedded sw for medical devices
  • Agile and scrum experiences


  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • A doer mindset, self-motivated, and interested in the Finndent Wet Lab where you will have access to all the equipment for hands on testing, experimentation and development.
  • Great attention to detail
  • Organizational skills, including use of common development tools (Atlassian, Git, Jenkins, etc).
  • An analytical and curious mind and you should like to troubleshoot

This position requires excellent knowledge of English, and preferably a good understanding of Finnish.

We offer you:

We offer you a position where you work really makes a difference in the everyday life for dentists working all over the world. You will have the opportunity to develop our products and grow your own knowledge and competence at the same time. We offer you a place in a multi cultural and very talented team, the opportunity to further educate and develop your professional knowledge and the best possible teammates. The position is permanent, and work will start as soon as possible.

The recruitment process is managed by our recruitment partner Adiente Oy, www.adiente.fi. Please register your cv and application and tell us more about your full stack experience and future ambitions and some details regarding the programs you have worked with. Send us your application as soon as possible, or no later than 8.8.2021.  

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Adiente Oy on vuonna 2005 perustettu henkilöstöpalveluyritys. Olemme erikoistuneet rekrytointeihin, pitkäaikaisiin henkilöstövuokrauksiin, Extended DISC -henkilö- ja ryhmäanalyyseihin sekä Business Coachingiin.

Toimimme laajasti eri aloilla ja työntekijäsegmenttien parissa. Räätälöimme aina jokaisen toimeksiannon asiakasyrityksemme toiveiden ja tarpeiden mukaisesti, ja teemme tämän henkilökohtaisest

Adiente hoitaa kaikki toimeksiannot henkilökohtaisesti sekä asiantuntevasti. Henkilön osaamisen lisäksi olennaista on hakijan soveltuvuus yritykseen ja sen kulttuuriin. Arvostamme kumppanuutta, luotettavuutta, nopeutta sekä joustavuutta. Tyytyväinen työnhakija ja asiakas sekä onnistunut rekrytointi ovat tärkeimmät tavoitteemme. 

Adiente Oy sijaitsee Espoossa, ensisijaisena toimintaympäristönään pääkaupunkiseutu, Business Coahingia teemme koko Suomessa.

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