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Would you like to develop software and ways of working that will revolutionize the labor market? 

Bolt.Works is a technology company that offers staffing services. We employ over 3500 people in different business sectors, such as restaurant, logistics and construction. We are the fastest organically growing company in our field, our revenue growing to over 100 M€ in 2022. Such growth is enabled by our unique platform connecting our customers, workers, sales, and recruiting. Our platform automates everything regarding employment: from matching jobs and people to invoicing and paying salaries. 


We are looking for an experienced full-stack developer. The position will be demanding, but we don’t expect you to be a unicorn. We value you having expertise in most of the following things: 

1) Broad software development skillset, from SQL to front-end development 
You will be working throughout our tech stack: from the PostgreSQL database to React frontend.  Our team works together continuously so you don’t have to face the full-stack challenges alone! We use the best agile practices: dailies, retrospectives, continuous discovery and planning, etc. 

2) Strong social skills and ability to take the initiative 
Development in Bolt.Works is not only limited to writing code. You will be cooperating with the stakeholders and might not have a product manager holding your hand in every meeting. We don’t have someone else’s problems: taking the initiative is the key to making the team and the whole business perform well. 

3) Self-management 
When you do something, you aim to do it well. Good user experience is not something that is only the UX-designers job and striving for top quality is the whole team’s responsibility. You utilize critical thinking when developing new things and always try to find the true cause behind the request, before implementing blindly. 


We don’t expect you to excel at all the things above. But as a TEAM we must excel at them. And we expect you to help us bring up our maturity in many of these things. 



  • TypeScript 

  • React front-end with MobX state management 

  • Node.js back-end 

  • AWS Lambda based serverless architecture 

  • PostgreSQL database 


Why join us? 

  • You’ll work as a part of a highly skilled product team that collaborates daily 

  • You’ll have a lot of autonomy and say on what we do and how we do it 

  • Your work will directly impact the daily lives of thousands of Bolt.Works employees and customers. 

  • Bolt.Works is a quickly growing company that is going abroad, and you’ll get a chance to grow with it 

  • Our work culture is flexible, relaxed and low-hierarchical 


Salary, benefits and location 

  • Salary 5000-7000euros per month depending on your skill level and experience. 

  • We have 22 offices covering most of Finland and our main office is in Helsinki. 

  • We have a hybrid work model, but we have weekly live meetings that we want you to attend. 

  • We have great insurance, both on and off work as well as comprehensive healthcare benefits. 

  • Cultural and exercise benefits. 

  • Bicycle benefit. 

  • Fun team and company-wide get-togethers. 

  • Opportunity to invest in the company. 

If what you have read makes you excited, you might just be our new teammate and a valuable addition to the whole company. 

Recruitment process: 

  1. Phone screening (15-30min) 

  1. Round 1 interview: soft skills, cultural fit & add, competence fit & add (1.5-2h)  

  1. Round 2 interview: technical interview, live coding via Teams (1.5-2h) 

We will interview candidates as they come, so be fast and drop your application, CV and a potential (GitHub) portfolio as soon as possible. 



Mikko Rekola 
CTO, Bolt.Works 
+358 50 084 2382 



Bolt.Works on henkilöstöpalveluyritys, joka on kehittänyt vallankumouksellisen digitaalisen teknologia-alustan yhdistämään työantajat ja työntekijät nopeasti ja joustavasti. Sen sovellusta käyttää 7 600 työntekijää ja 1 000 työnantajaa. Bolt.Worksillä on 22 toimipistettä eri puolilla Suomea ja yhtiö palvelee useita eri toimialoja, kuten rakennus-, logistiikka-, teollisuus-, HoReCa- ja kiinteistöhuollon toimialoja. Bolt.Worksin liikevaihto kasvoi 99 prosenttia 78 miljoonaan euroon vuonna 2021. Yhtiön palveluksessa on 120 työntekijää.

Olemme henkilöstöpalvelualan nopein orgaaninen kasvaja ja liikevaihtomme on tänä vuonna jo yli 110 miljoonaa euroa. Missiomme on murtaa alan perinteisiä toimintamalleja ja haastaa alan suurimmat toimijat. Matkamme on silti vasta alussa. www.bolt.works


Full stack developer Bolt

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