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Summer Trainee for R&D Project Management Office

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Looking for a super cool summer job in the field of technology? Are you all about science and technology? Would work with cutting-edge ultra-low temperature cooling systems and curious people be awesome? Do you want to be a part of progress and success? If yes, then Bluefors could be the place for you this summer!

This year we offer a brand-new summer trainee position in our R&D Project Management Office! Position in our R&D Project Management team will support your studies and helps you to gain work experience in the field of high-tech product manufacturing and enhance the possible future career plans of yours.

Your tasks would include assisting and substituting our Project Managers on various projects. The projects may be internal Research or Product Creation projects, or they may be Engineer To Order -projects for our customers, which include a high degree of complexity and customization. In addition to the Project Engineer role, one of your tasks will be the general admin of our R&D and Engineering team intranet site in SharePoint. During the summer, your task is to reconfigure and improve our team intranet pages to follow the company intranet outlook. The size of the team intranet site is very limited, so do not worry too much about this task. You do not need to have extensive knowledge of SharePoint, but you do need to have the capability to study the SharePoint functionality pretty independently.

To succeed in this role, you might be a student of any Engineering degree, as long as you are interested in Project Management, and have some experience in project management either from school courses or work life. Whichever you are focusing on, we hope that it’s at least your third year. You are persistent, energetic and you have good people and communication skills. Ideally you are passionate about writing. Positive and hands-on attitude with the ability to work independently within a great team takes you a long way. We also expect you to be genuinely proud of what you do, and you do it meticulously.

The R&D Project Management team is a group of passionate professionals from different backgrounds and nationalities, and this is a great opportunity for you to develop yourself as a future professional. Our work language is English on daily basis and position offers you a great opportunity to improve your strong communication skills even further.

During the summer your main responsibilities will be

  • Assisting and substituting Project Managers
  • General admin of our R&D and Engineering team intranet site

Quick facts

  • Summer Trainee for R&D Project Management Office
  • Bluefors, Arinatie 10, 00370
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Apply for this position

What we expect from you

  • At least three years of studies of any Engineering degree
  • Genuine interest and some experience in project management
  • English language skills
  • Good teamwork and communication skills
  • Persistent and energetic attitude
  • Hands-on attitude and eagerness to learn
  • Open-minded, curious, and positive attitude

We also appreciate

  • Enthusiasm towards writing
  • Commitment to high quality
  • Ability to work independently and systematically

At Bluefors we’re all about continuous development, learning and collaboration in our international environment (we have people from 47 different nationalities!) and we always welcome new, uprising talents. You’ll be encouraged by your team, and you will learn from the best minds in your field. Our head office is in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki and your exact starting and ending dates can be discussed.

All the positions will be filled as soon as we find the perfect candidate, so be quick! Fill in the application by February 12, 2023 at BLUEFORS.COM in English, with your application letter and CV included. The recruitment process will include a video interview and a face-to-face interview at our premises. Come and be part of the progress!

For more information contact Director of R&D and Engineering Matias Roos, email:


The world's leading manufacturer of ultra-low temperature cryogen-free dilution refrigerators.

We design and manufacture measurement systems, that can provide clean and quiet environment for scientific research, even at ultra-low temperatures. Our systems have options which include wiring and superconducting magnets and can be customized to meet the requirements of each customer. We have a strong focus on the quantum computing and information community and are here to support scientists and industries go further in their endeavors. For this we have brought together the best minds from a variety of fields. If you are a skilled physicist, technician, engineer or business professional and looking for an interesting job in multicultural environment, join our growth story at Bluefors.

Here we are curious to the core, have wide-range expertise, and have one mission: progress. Continuous development, learning, and collaboration are fundamental to our way of working. In our agile company structure customers are in direct contact with scientists and engineers who design their system. We deliver systems all around the world and the markets for our products are constantly growing. Currently we employ more than 380 professionals from 47 different nationalities. We offer competitive benefits package, employee share program, flexible working environment and a non-smoking workplace.

Location: Arinatie 10, 00370

Summer Trainee for R&D Project Management Office

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