Trainee / Thesis Application for Students

If you are interested about interesting possibilities we have for students related to practical trainings or subjects for final thesis, don't hesitate to contact us directly or via this application. We'll contact you if anything suitable occurs!

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MSK Group

At the MSK Group we aim, look and strive forward. The multidisciplinary and international family corporation employs over 900 professionals from several fields of expertise. The mother company together with its seven subsidiaries located in Finland, Germany and Slovakia offers a wide range of different kinds of positions.

Careers at the MSK Group are typically long because motivated employees are taken care of. It’s easy to enjoy working here because the family corporation listens and respects its employees. Career possibilities are endless as changing positions between the subsidiaries is always an option.

In our employees we value:

  • the eagerness to develop your skills and everything you set your mind to
  • enthusiasm to take matters in your own hands and move things forward
  • genuine respect for your co-workers

If you hear the rolling fields whispering and you want to join our international high technology family company, do not hesitate to contact us.

Location: Pohjanmaanväylä 1661, Ylihärmä


Trainee / Thesis Application for Students

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