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Prevex, Jakobstadsvägen 31, 66900 Nykarleby
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– all about water traps

With over 60 years of experience, Prevex is a leading supplier of water traps for the kitchen and bathroom industries. We develop, design and produce water traps and related products for manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Ideal R&D partner

As one of very few companies globally specializing exclusively in water traps, we are an ideal R&D partner for long-lasting co-creation. This, we believe, explains why some of the most progressive kitchen and bathroom design companies in the world have chosen to work with us, and why prospective customers see us as the preferred option.

Our roots are in Finland

Prevex water traps are manufactured in Finland, a land known for its clean water and ambitious sustainability goals. Our products are exported to Central, Eastern, and Northern Europe


Jakobstadsvägen 31, 66900 Nykarleby

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